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Astros 4, Pirates 5; Astros Lose Thanks To Captain Collision

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Astros make a game of it against the Pittsburgh Pirates but ultimately can't overcome their own mistakes.

He collides into anything in a single inning. He's CAPTAIN COLLISION!
He collides into anything in a single inning. He's CAPTAIN COLLISION!
Duane Burleson

The Astros and Pirates are tied, bottom of the ninth inning, two outs and Edgar Gonzalez gets a pop fly to shallow center field. Astros are out of the inning right? Wrong! In flies Captain Collision Jimmy Paredes. Don't believe me? Check this out.


As you can see Jake Elmore calls for the ball but Captain Collision, who earlier this week dislocated Jose Altuve's jaw after running into him, decided he was not having any of this infielder calling for the ball nonsense and proceeded to save the Pirates from extra innings while handing them the win.

According to Brian T. Smith, Bo Porter said that was Elmore's ball to catch.

I would love to tell that was the only mistake by a right fielder but it wasn't. In the bottom of the sixth inning Chris Carter dropped an easily catchable fly ball in right field. Unfortunately for the Astros, Andrew McCutchen was the one who hit the lazy fly ball and ended up on third base. The next batter Garret Jones hit a double down the right field line to get the Pirates within two runs of the Astros at 4-2.

The Pirates tied the game in the bottom of the eighth via a monster two-run home run by Pedro Alveraz. By monster I mean Alveraz hit the ball so hard it cleared the right field bleachers and landed in the Allegheny River. It was only a matter of time before the Astros blew the game. Gonzalez who was pitching the ninth for the Astros tried his hardest by stumbling and bumbling on the mound before Paredes came in to save the day, for the Pirates.

If we're looking for a positive it's that Jordan Lyles pitched relatively well. He allowed only one earned run in five innings and was only at 89 pitches. Lyles seems to get a little flustered on the mound when things don't go his way so I assume Porter pulled Lyles after the double by Jones to save his psyche.

Offensively, Robbie Grossman reached base multiple times and Matt Dominguez hit yet another home run.

Altuve is expected to be activated tomorrow. I gotta believe Paredes is being strongly considered for the flight back to Oklahoma City.

Paredes is an internet super star: