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Astros Introduce Reid Ryan as President

Reid Ryan named President of Baseball Operations.


The resignation of George Postolos left the Astros' future in a jumbled mess of TV blackouts and unflattering press. Jim Crane and the team worked quickly to find Postolos' replacement. Astros announced Reid Ryan would be stepping in as team president of business operations, today.

Ryan, the eldest son of Nolan Ryan, comes to the Astros after serving as CEO and President of Ryan-Sanders Baseball, Incorporated. In partnership with former part-owner of the Astros, Don Sanders; the Ryan-Sanders group owns the Rangers AAA affiliate Round Rock Express and Astros AA affiliate Corpus Christi Hooks. Since 2005, the Express have ranked second in attendance in the Pacific Coast League, while the Hooks ranked third in the Texas League. Ryan also serves as a member of the Major League Baseball board of trustees.

Ryan talked about growing up a fan of the Astros at his introduction.

"Today really is a dream come true," Ryan stated. "You grow up an Astros fan here in Houston, everybody's got their hometown team that they had, and the Astros were mine. This is just a very special day."

Ryan's plan for the Astros has two parts; focus on the fan experience and player development.

"We've got to make sure we're taking care of their best interest," Ryan said. "If we take care of their best interest, they'll take care of us."

"We've got to make sure we're doing everything in our power to be able to develop the best players, to attract the best players and to obtain the best players we can, because it's all about the players," Ryan said. "If you don't have good players, it's tough to be in this business. And they're coming. It may not be this year. It may not be next year. But they're coming, and it's got me really fired up."

Jim Crane also announced a letter of agreement for the Astros to purchase the Corpus Christi Hooks from Ryan-Saunders Baseball Inc. Read more about the Astros purchase, in a story written by Timothy De Block.

Astros To Purchase Corpus Christi Hooks

Reid Ryan has full agenda in front of him as he takes office. The former administration left the Astros fan base alienated with the lack of CSN Houston distribution, dynamic pricing, the handling of charitable organizations, and a general focus more on the bottom line then the fans. If the past is any guide, the Astros appear to be in good hands going forward.