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Astros To Purchase Corpus Christi Hooks

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The Houston Astros are signing a letter of intent to purchase their current Class AA minor league affiliate, the Corpus Christi Hooks.


Shortly after the Reid Ryan press conference naming him the Astros new team president, we learn that the Astros will sign a letter of intent to purchase the Corpus Christi Hooks, their Class AA minor league affiliate.

Minor league teams typically have their own ownership groups, and sign player-development contracts to become a major league organization's minor league affiliate. This is why we sometimes see minor league teams play musical chairs with major league organizations.

According to Greg Rajan, Hooks officials will report to Reid Ryan in Houston, which shouldn't be anything new for them as he was heavily involved in Hooks operations.

According to Brian T. Smith, the Astros will assume control of the Hooks after the 2013 season.

More about the purchase: