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UPDATE: Astros canceled event in January, refocus charitable efforts

We've got some movement in this story of the Astros canceling the annual Black Ties and Baseball Caps gala and disbanding the Astros Wives Organization. Via Astros County, Jose Ortiz has a block of tweets on the situation:

Astros spokesman reiterates foundation's focus is n at-risk youth and refurbishing baseball and softball fields. My LORD; Early story on WivesGate coming soon. I'm told Astros owner Jim Crane told Women's Center Wives Gala would be canceled in January. Judy Nichols, who helped run Gala since helping Nancy Caminiti and Patty Biggio put together 1st one, was told of cancellation in Jan. This year would have been the 24th Wives Gala, which has been chaired by the likes of Patty Biggio, Nancy Caminiti and Erica Bagwell. Judy Nichols told me the year Erica Bagwell was chair, the wives handed over a record $400,000 check to Houston Women's Center. Oh, one more juicy tidbit. Nichols actually has 4 years left on 5-year deal she signed with Astros Wives group (a 501-3C) to work on Gala. Nichols: "It’s very significant.The wives, most of them are gone, they’re just very hurt because they were all very proud of this event"

Ortiz and the Chroncle are working to play catchup on this story right now. We'll post more when we see more from that story.