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Jose Altuve And Bud Norris Leave Game With Injuries

Jose Altuve and Bud Norris both leave the field in Detroit due to injury.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Altuve has left the field in Detroit during the bottom of the second inning in what is being deemed a subluxed right jaw.

According Brooks this is a partial dislocation and a minor injury that should not require a trip to the disabled list. The play Altuve was injured on involved a fly ball to shallow right field that both he and Paredes were attempting to make a play on. It sounded like Paredes attempted to call off Altuve at the last minute but either Altuve didn't hear it or had very little time to react to the call. Both players collided and fell to the ground. Paredes popped up first and Altuve followed shortly after that but seemed to be in a bit more pain. He motioned towards the right side of his face as he talked with the Astros trainer.

Here's the play in question.

During warm up tosses in the sixth inning Bud Norris grabbed his back. Shortly, after that Norris was pulled from the game, relieved by Paul Clemens.

Nothing official has been declared. Brooks speculates that it could be just a pulled muscle. Check back for more details.