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Paul Clemens is Getting the Call

There's change coming in Houston and Paul Clemens is a part of it. But what change is coming?


News broke on twitter that Paul Clemens was packing gathering his stuff in the dugout in Memphis and shaking his teammates hands as he left the dugout. Other reports state that he said he was got the call to the major leagues. We are currently working on getting this confirmed and the Astros currently have nothing official to announce.

What does this mean? Until it's confirmed and corresponding moves are announced, we have no idea, and the possibilites are unlimited. Is it a trade? Is it a restructuring of the bullpen as Steve Sparks alluded to would be coming in the next week or so? Is there an injury?

Trades are rather rare at this point in the season with exception to contending teams lose players to season ending injuries, so there is a possibility there, but rather unlikely.

Some have speculated that Lucas Harrell may have an injury with his performance today. Bedard's start was pushed back, but it seems more likely that it had to do with ordering the rotation and making sure he could handle the pitch counts since he hasn't pitched much this year. But, wouldn't you expect that to have been announced a little quicker than this?

Restructuring of the pen seems likely. The pen has been bad and has been worked pretty good. Using another long reliever could be a good idea with the way the rotation hasn't been pitching too deep. Keuchel was effective and didn't earn a demotion. But, if they were shuffling them between AAA and the majors, wouldn't you expect that to be announced this morning and not after a game? Is there a reliever like Rhiner Cruz getting the axe for giving up too many walks?

It's all speculation at this point. Either way, it does signal some thoughts. I would expect Brett Oberholtzer and John Ely to be ahead of Clemens at this point. So, do they want a rightee with Keuchel already there? Do they want someone fresh since Ely pitched yesterday? Clemens pitched Friday, and so did Jordan Lyles. Is Lyles still working on things?

Things are getting interesting. Your move Mr. Luhnow.