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Astros vs. Athletics: Chris Carter hits a triple to the moon

A rare offensive bright spot crops up when Chris Carter makes contact and sends a ball off the wall in center field.

Thomas B. Shea

In eight minor league seasons and 3,647 plate appearances, Chris Carter only hit 15 triples. In 403 major league plate appearances prior to Sunday, Carter had exactly zero triples.

That was before he hit this ball to the moon in the bottom of the eighth inning. Let's just go to the tape:


Look how long that ball hangs in the air. Chris Young camped out underneath if for a full minute, it seems. Carter didn't necessarily leg out the triple so much as just trot around the bases while the ball was still in the air, which it was for a very, very, very long time.

And yet, Trogdor still does not have a home run. So I have been unable to use my Burninating the Village home run call yet. It's sad times, people. Sad times indeed.

Carter did score on the play, not that it matters. This Astros game has filled me with the kind of ennui not seen since post-WWII France.