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Astros vs. Athletics: Astros almost Astro'ing, saved by Cedeno

In this gif, Brett Wallace can't help himself at first, but Xavier Cedeno has his back

Thomas B. Shea

Since the last time we talked, things have gotten ugly.

Real ugly.

Like, it's bad, y'all.

Home run after home run chased Lucas Harrell. Native Houstonian Chris Young went yard. Josh Reddick crashed his scary hobo face into the way and may have hurt his wrist pretty badly. The Astros gotta Astro on the bases a bit, as Justin Maxwell got hung up after a double play ball skipped past the first baseman.

Hey, but the good news is that Houston scored some runs! Two of them, to be exact. After loading up the bases with no outs, Brett Wallace and Carlos Corporan struck out, but Matt Dominguez came through with a grounder to second for an easy out. Until shortstop Jed Lowrie threw the ball away and allowed two runs to score.

So, Wallace already was on the naughty list, for all the strikeouts and the poor timing and all. That's when this play happened.


That was the Astros almost Astro'ing. Luckily, Xavier Cedeno has a good head on his shoulders and picked up the ball for the out.

I'll let you insert your own joke about Wallace not even making contact with the ball when he's fielding.