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Astros vs. Athletics: Oakland scores first, leads 2-0

J.D. Martinez is the lone bright spot in a bad inning for Harrell.

Bob Levey

Well, Lucas Harrell's shutout will have to wait for another day. Thanks to a one-out double by Seth Smith, the Oakland Athletics now lead 2-0. Harrell did it to himself, walking both Brandon Moss and Chris Young before Smith's double to the right center gap scored them both.

Harrell has thrown 44 pitches through two innings of work and seems to be getting squeezed on the strike zone. However, he has gotten a hand from his defense. After his catcher did some work to throw out Coco Crisp in the first inning, left fielder J.D. Martinez, getting his second start of the season since replacing Fernando Martinez on the 25-man roster, made a great diving play on a sinking liner off the bat of Jed Lowrie.

What are the odds that Chris Carter makes that play? Does Chris Carter even attempt it or does he pick the ball up off the ground instead?