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Astros vs. Athletics: A photo and a video before the game begins

The roof is open at Minute Maid Park and a view from Mills' Hole


It's a gorgeous day in Houston. The weather is 78 degrees and mostly cloudy, but with plenty of sun streaming down. It's cool enough that the roof at Minute Maid Park is open, and it looks gorgeous down on the field, as you can see from me playing around with Vine:

Also, have you ever wanted to know what it looks like from Mills' Hole? Here's a shot from the dugout:

In case you're unfamiliar with the lingo, "Mills' Hole" is the spot in the dugout that former Houston manager Brad Mills sat. He had the dugout fence altered to give him an unobstructed view, so the netting that covers most of the dugout railing was cut out so he and his pitching coach could sit there and watch the game. New manager Bo Porter has taken to using it himself. As Tim said, it looks like you'd definitely need a helmet to sit there...