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Like a Grocery Store, Astros Lose 7-4

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While the analogy doesn't seem to make sense, it rhymes and that's all that matters, right?


As I sit here unable to write a recap for this game, I contemplate the potential sources of my writer's block. Something, somehow seems so distinctly wrong, but hides in the background, blurred from reality, blurred from understanding. So as I contemplate, the first thing that comes to mind is that perhaps I am going crazy due to the lack of sleep in the past few nights. But I quickly dismissed that notion because I am always crazy.

I then search for words, images, ideas, and forces to help pinpoint the cause of this malady. But as nothing seems to make sense, I become frustrated after making insignificant progress in finding the sources of my problems. I give up.

But I notice there exists dust. It was not so much the dust that was significant, but the location of that dust. As soon as I had seen the blankets of dust coat the things that used to hold my most attention, I had realized I contracted the affliction that I has always believed I was invincible to. And now, that remote still lies untouched for the better part of a month. It teases. It asks, "What if ...?". But now I even admit I forget about that remote and feel no shame in forgetting. I feel I can have a better life if I can forget. But something keeps me lagging behind though, at least enough for me to stay partially interested. Enough for me to say that my name is William Peebles and this is my first Bandwagon Fans Anonymous meeting.

I can only imagine this "disease" affects many others who were unable to be cured with the CSN Houston vaccine. The box score is like a picture of a sculpture; it simply serves as a generalization, while the intricate beauty remains hidden among details that photographs cannot accomplish.

So I look at this score, a score of 7 to 4, I can't help but feel more helpless. My recaps are unable to capture the joy that I once felt. It's not that I can't think of something creative to write, but that I can't see the details hidden in the structure.

So yes, Chris Carter did hit his 6th homerun, Humber did go the distance in completing 6 innings, Peacock did struggle with trying to complete an inning, but ask yourself what you actually miss when you look upon a box score for your information instead of watching a game with your own eyes.