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Astros GIF Recap: Houston Astros Vs. Seattle Mariners April 22, 2013; Astros 1, Mariners 7

Creating GIFs for the Houston Astros vs. the Seattle Mariners and Felix Hernandez game.

Scott Halleran

With Felix Hernandez on the mound, this was going to be a tough one to win giving up one run but the Astros having already given up 5-0 likely means this game is over.

4th Inning

Marwin Gonzalez and Jose Altuve team-up for a very slick double play.


6th Inning

Brandon Laird does his best Matt Dominguez impression


7th Inning

Rick Ankiel gets the Astros on the board with a homerun to the Crawford Boxes.


Game Thoughts

Yes another game in which the Astros starter, Brad Peacock, failed to get out of the fifth inning. At points Peacock was cruising at others he was struggling to get guys out. I'm starting to wonder if he'll be the first rotation pitcher to be replaced. He's had some good outings but he just hasn't been effective enough and with the way the Astros have been relying on the bullpen eventually something has to give.

Jason Castro had a couple doubles which drives any fan who watched Sunday's game nuts. He was the last batter in Sunday's contest and ended up grounding out to third. Unlike some people I like Castro in the three-hole and I think he's going to hit eventually this season.

Matt Dominguez is going to have some more tests done but if he goes on the disabled list I'm fairly comfortable with Brandon Laird filling in.