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Astros Injury Update: J.D. Martinez Day To Day With Knee Sprain

Astros outfielder J.D. Martinez is day-to-day with a right knee sprain.

Bob Levey

In case you missed it during the fourth inning of Friday's game, J.D. Martinez's took an awkward check swing at a pitch inside and at the knees. Here's the GIF of the swing:


He laid on the ground for several minutes as the Astros training staff checked out the injury before being helped off the field and replaced by Brandon Barnes.

The Astros official account tweeted out that the JD was diagnosed with a right knee sprain and is considered day-to-day:

It's unfortunate for JD because in his previous at bat he hit a two-run homerun to right field.

I contacted resident expert Brooks Parker AKA Subber10 to get his insight and this is what he had to say:

It's a ligament injury. Wide variability in recovery time pending on degree of sprain. They might do an MRI to check for possible slight tear and meniscus damage.

I asked him if we should be more concerned considering JD's patella tendinitis. His response:

No. It's unlikely they are related.