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Astros GIF Recap: Houston Astros At Oakland Athletics; Astros Lose 11-2

GIF recap of the Astros at Athletics game on April 15, 2013.

Thearon W. Henderson

Ya it's one of those nights. Erik Bedard gave up six runs in the first inning. It wasn't all bad though as a Houston Astros legend was born.

3rd Inning

Justin Maxwell makes a spectacular diving catch.


Somewhere in between the third and sixth inning

Jeff Luhnow is watching you


6th Inning

Paul Clemens makes an ill-advised play on a ball over his head


Luckily Ronny Cedeno was there to bail out Clemens


When Cedeno went to give Clemens a high five he puked


Ya, that happened and Clemens actually stayed in the game and got the next batter to ground out.

Scoring Plays

I missed both scoring plays because I was feeding my three month old son for the first score. For the second score I was documenting the legend of Paul Clemens and it's freaking 1:30 a.m. here on the east coast and I will be getting up in a few hours so I apologize for not going back and grabbing them. It's not like this was a close game or anything.

Carlos Pena drove in the first run and Jose Altuve drove in the second run.