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Astros GIF: The Legend Of Paul Clemens

On April 16, 2013, against the Oakland Athletics a Houston Astros legend was born his name, Paul Clemens.


So if you didn't get a chance to see the Astros game Monday night or switched it off after Erik Bedard dug the Astros a 6-0 hole in the first inning you missed what could be the start of a legend. In the bottom of the sixth inning Nate Freiman hit a ball up the middle.

Paul Clemens made an ill advised play for the ball:

(click on image for GIF; the Legend is too good for it to be shown with other GIFs)


The ball bounced off his fingers and headed up the middle. Fortunately, Ronny Cedeno, signed for his defense, made a nice adjustment on the ball and threw out Freiman at first:


At the end of the play we find that Clemens had the ball more than just glance off his fingers. WARNING: If you're squeamish about fingers pointing in the wrong direction stop here....

That's right, the ball readjusted the pinky finger on Clemens right-hand in an entirely different direction:

(click on image for GIF; the Legend is too good for it to be shown with other GIFs)


Of course Bo Porter and the training staff made a mound visit and popped the finger back in to place then listened to Clemens make a case for staying in the game and you know what he did. After suffering the injury Paul Clemens got Micheal Taylor to ground out to Jose Altuve. A Legend was born and so was a nickname....

Paul "Pinky" Clemens