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And Another One Bites the....Tommy John

John Ely joins Alex White as Tommy John surgical buddies. Astros injury luck continues to be poor.

Stephen Dunn

It seems like yesterday that all we could talk about was the 4th and 5th starter competition and who would be pushed to AAA. And then, we talked about how to handle the depth at AAA. Then we talked about the injuries that are stacking up. Now we get to talk about two Astros pitchers having to go under the knife for the dreaded Tommy John Surgery.

As I reported last week, John Ely went to the DL with an unknown elbow injury and we had no indication of how serious it was. Brian T. Smith let us know that on today.

' John Ely will have Tommy John surgery.

I'll say it again, pitching injuries are not uncommon. But, two pitcher's having TJ is not a good sign. It's very poor luck, and shows that pitching can be hard on the arm.

The other topic with this is that the Dodger trade just went from a probable Astros win to a questionable trade. Rob Rasmussen is undersized lefty with decent stuff, but is more than likely a LOOGY. I personally wasn't very high on him so I thought this trade was a no-brainer to get John Ely in return. The return for this trade is going to depend on how Ely returns from TJ, which isn't as bad as it used to be.