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Live From Kissimmee Florida, The TCB Podcast Recaps Friday's Astros 14-9 Loss To The Braves

Tim and Brooks give their impressions from Friday's Astros loss to the Atlanta Braves: Chris Carter's defense in left field, another bad start for Jordan Lyles on the mound and John Ely's outing.

What looked like would be a stinker turned into a pretty decent game for the Astros. Losing by five runs is no fun but the score takes a back seat to preparing for the season. Hector Ambriz was the first pitcher to get three outs in a row and that came in the fourth inning of the game. Following him John Ely had three shutout innings and Ross Seaton had two shutout inning.

Offensively Brandon Barnes, Brandon Laird, Marc Krauss, Matt Dominguez, Jose Martinez and Jason Jarmillo all reached base multiple times. Barnes and Krauss in particular had monster homeruns to centerfield.

Defensively it wasn't good to start the game: Chris Carter and Nate Freiman both struggled in left field and at first base respectively and George Springer dropped a ball in the outfield due to the sun while wearing his sunglasses on the top of his head. Delino DeShields after ranging far to his right threw the ball away on his throw to first. The game, however, wasn't devoid of fine defensive plays. Jacob Goebbert put on a show in left field and Barnes had a nice sliding catch in right field.

We will be trying something a little different with the recap tonight. Brooks and I will be giving our impressions of the give via a live podcast that we'll be recording from Kissimmee. We have several things from the games we would like to discuss but would love to answer some of your questions regarding to today's game so feel free to leave comments in the comment section below.

Podcast start time: 7:35 p.m. CT

Hosts: Tim De Block and Brooks Parker

Friday Game Topics:

  • Chris Carter's defense in left field
  • Jordan Lyles outing on the mound and the lack of defense
  • Lucas Harrell's strained groin
  • John Ely's outing
  • Delino DeShields being robbed of a triple
  • Marc Krauss and Brandon Barnes' homeruns
  • Any questions you may have

Leave any questions about the game in the comments below and we'll answer them during the podcast.

The archived live record can be found on Mixlr at:

Intro music by Alan Read.

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