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Spring Training Game 14: Game Thread

Schafer and Johnson return to Kissimmee for a rematch against Houston.

Al Messerschmidt

Atlanta (SS) vs. Houston, 12:05 PM CT

Full TV & Radio Schedule
TV: CSN Houston (SD - 39, HD - 639 in Houston)
MLB.TV: Live
Radio: KBME 790 AM
Braves SB Nation Blog: Talking Chop

Pitching Match

RHP Jordan Lyles (0-2, 16.62) vs. LHP Sean Gilmartin (0-1, 7.20)

Braves (SS) Lineup

1. Schafer, RF
2. B. Johnson, CF
3. Freeman, 1B
4. Uggla, 2B
5. C. Johnson, 3B
6. Gattis, LF
7. Terdo, DH
8. Pastornicky, SS
9. Pagnozzi, C

Astros Lineup

1. Barnes, RF
2. Altuve, 2B
3. Carter, LF
4. Maxwell, CF
5. Freiman, 1B
6. Stringer, DH
7. Dominguez, 3B
8. M. Gonzalez, SS
9. C. Wallace, C

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