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TCB Heading To Astros Spring Training

TCB for the second year in a row will be heading to Kissimmee, Florida, for some fun, sun and baseball. Here are some resources if this is you first time to Astros Spring Training.


This evening Brooks (Subber10) and I will be making the trek to Spring Training in Kissimmee, Florida, to see the Astros major league and minor league players prepare for the season. If any of you dear readers are going to be heading down there I would love to meet you at some point this weekend.

Friday, we will be sitting down the third baseline under the shade. Saturday, we will be at the backfields checking our the minor league workouts and Sunday we will be right behind home plate. If you would like to meet up just hit me up on Twitter and we'll coordinate. Also, Saturday evening we will be meeting up with Steve from AppyAstros, Jayne from What The Heck, Bobby? and Terri from Tales From The Juice Box at a place called the Town Tavern to have some food and drinks and to talk a little Astros baseball. Again anyone down in Kissimmee is more than welcome to join us. If you want to join us for food let me know via Twitter or my email address (

This will be my second year heading to Kissimmee, Florida, and like last year I plan to chronicle my trip. But that doesn't help you know if you're heading to Kissimmee this weekend so below are links to my posts from last year as well as some of the other resources I used in preparing for my trip:

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Hope to see you in Kissimmee!