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TCB Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament Round 1 Wrap-up And A Look Ahead At Round 2

A look at the most interesting match-ups from round one and the ones to come in round two of TCB's Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament.

The opening round of the TCB Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament has been completed. Thursday, March 7, we will move into round two.

Full details of the tournament can be found here in our introductory post.

Here's the latest bracket for viewing:


Before we get into some of the more interesting match-ups for round two lets take a look back at some of the more interesting ones from round one:

Closest match-ups:

These are the match-ups that went right down to the wire.

39 Michael Foltynewicz over 26 Brett Wallace: Folty wins by three votes 81-78

27 Chris Carter over 38 Nicholas Tropeano: Carter wins by four votes 61-57

The "hey that's not cool" match-ups:

These are the match-ups that people were the most torn on and it's not surprising that the match-ups contain four of the Astros Top five prospects.

33 George Springer over 32 Carlos Correa: Spring actually beat Correa pretty handily with a final vote total of 97-71 but that didn't stop people from being angry that they faced off in the first round.

31 Jonathan Singleton over 34 Delino DeShields: Singleton won 80-70

The social media match-ups:

Both Brady Rodgers and Andrew Aplin were well behind Matt Dominguez and Jordan Lyles when Rodgers discovered the tournament and shortly there after took to Twitter to rally for support. As a result Rodgers vs Lyles and Aplin vs Lyles had the most participating voters in the tournament so far. Aaron West was another social media savvy prospect to take to Twitter to get support for his match-up with Brad Peacock. Asher Wojciechowski also got support from a family member and easily defeated Hector Ambriz.

It will be interesting to see how far they advance with the support of social media. Coincidentally, all four are in different brackets so all four could conceivable make the final four with the help of Twitter and Facebook.

54 Brady Rodgers over 11 Matt Dominguez: Rodgers wins 167-127

57 Andrew Aplin over 8 Jordan Lyles: Aplin wins 142-113

52 Aaron West over 13 Brad Peacock: West wins 123-43

47 Asher Wojciechowski over 18 Hector Ambirz: Wojo wins 112-14

Top seeds still alive:

There is a definite lean towards prospects in the voting so far, but that doesn't mean major league players have no chance of advancing to the later rounds. These are the major league players I expect to advance deep into the tournament.

9 - Jason Castro over 56 - Bobby Borchering: Castro wins 110-8

2 - Bud Norris over 63 - Jose Cisnero: Norris wins 88-17

6 - Jose Altuve vs 59 - Brett Oberholtzer: Altuve wins 112-3

Most interesting round two match-ups

5 - Lucas Harrell vs 40 - Rio Ruiz: I would put my money on Harrell but I could see a Ruiz upset with the prospect lean in voting so far.

32 - George Springer vs 61 - Ross Seaton: Just kidding. Springer should easily take this match-up.

2 - Bud Norris vs 35 - Jarred Cosart: The mentor vs the student.

3 - Justin Maxwell vs 31 - Jonathan Singleton: I think Singleton will ultimately take this one but it'll be close.