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TCBP 71: Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle Checks In From Astros Spring Training

Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle, Brian T. Smith gives us a traffic report from Florida, How Many Altuves does it take to make a shirt and Sean gets all gooey over Mark Appel.

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Special Guest: Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist and myself discuss:

  • Brian T. Smith weighs on the atmosphere and competition in Astros Spring Training camp in Kissimmee Florida
  • The Astros public relations department has been busy this past week with dynamic ticket prices, How Many Altuves and collecting foul balls from patrons.
  • Sean gives his impression of Mark Appel's most recent start for Stanford

Technical Note: At the beginning of the season I will be making a minor change to the podcast feed. If you've been with the podcast since before May 2012 you're fine. If you signed up between May 2012 and November 2012 you could be effected by this change. If you subscribed through the RSS feed during that time you can resubscribe to the RSS feed and you shouldn't see an interruption.

Next Scheduled Podcast Recording: Live - March 17, 2013. I will be in Spring Training next weekend so we will not be doing the podcast recording live.

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