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TCB March Madness 2013: Chris Carter Vs Nicholas Tropeano

first basemen slash designated hitter slash left fielder(?) Chris Carter vs right-handed pitching prospect Nicholas Tropeano

TCB's Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament is underway. From now until the end of Spring Training, 64 players will face off in a head-to-head public vote to determine who advances to the next round, and who will eventually be crowned the community's favorite Astros player. For more details, click here for the introductory post.

The rules are simple: Determine which player you think should advance to the next round by voting for that player. Arguments made for an advancing player in the comments section below may be used in that player's description for the next round. Vote subjectively, objectively or by using your trusty magic eight ball. Votes will last exactly 24 hours.In this match-up:

27 - Chris Carter

First off, Carter has to win the "Best Nickname March Madness" pool. Seriously. TROOOGDOOOR. The hulking slugger made his way to Houston via Oakland and the Jed Lowrie trade. In 384 career plate appearances, Carter has hit .214/.310/.425 with a 12.5 percent walk rate and 19 home runs. His walk rate has been consistently high in the minors and majors, but will he make contact? If he does, he's middle of the order bat for his patience and power. The question now is where do you put said bat? Luhnow wants him in left field, so Wally the Monster and Carlos Pena can play every day, but there are MANY skeptics about Carter's ability in left field. -David


38 - Nicholas Tropeano

Sometimes, when a prospect talks about gaining velocity, it's an illusion. For Tropeano, the results back up his improved fastball velocity and turned him into one of the better pitching prospects in the system. After being drafted out of SUNY-Stony Brook, Tropeano had a big first full season in the minors. He struck out 166 in 158 innings across two levels last year, combining for an ERA of 3.06 and only 149 hits allowed. Tropeano could be in the rotation at Corpus this season and how he does there could confirm his status as a top-tier pitching prospect. -David