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Ronny Cedeno Signs With Houston Astros

In search of help at shortstop, the Houston Astros turn to Ronny Cedeno, who was released by St. Louis earlier this spring.

Gregory Shamus

In an effort to shore up the shortstop position, the Houston Astros signed Ronny Cedeno on Saturday. The 30-year old shortstop now joins Tyler Greene and Marwin Gonzalez in an effort to find a starter after last year's starter Jed Lowrie was traded to Oakland back in February.

Cedeno hit .259/.332/.410 last season in 78 games with the Mets and has played for three teams in an eight-year career. Cedeno has a reputation as a good defensive shortstop, posting 6.1 Fielding Runs in 2011 with the Pirates. He doesn't offer much in the way of hitting or a particular aptitude for the leadoff spot, since his career walk rate is 5.3 percent.

However, Cedeno has played second, third and shortstop in his career, as well as a tiny bit in the outfield early in his time with the Cubs. If Houston doesn't think Tyler Greene will produce, they could pick up Cedeno and use either him or Marwin Gonzalez as a utility infielder and improve the overall effectiveness of the bevy of sinkerball pitchers they have on this current squad (maybe).

What do you think? Is this a necessary addition? Will Cedeno give Houston some flexibility on the infield or will he be Triple-A depth? Do you think Luhnow and Co. are done trying to fix the shortstop spot or will they make more moves before the end of camp?