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Another One Bites The Dust: Larry Dierker Leaving Astros

Larry Dierker will no longer be with the Houston Astros after April 15

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Just to set the mood:

Late last night David Barron reported that Larry Dierker will no longer be with the Astros after April 15. According to Barron:

Dierker, the former Astros pitcher, broadcaster and manager who made his Houston debut in 1964 at age 18, said this week he turned down a new contract with the Astros that included personal appearances and studio work on Comcast SportsNet Houston because he did not consider such duties to be "meaningful."

Barron has a follow-up article this morning that requires a subscription to the Houston Chronicle to view. It doesn't sound like the Astros and Larry Dierker are continuing their relationship on the best of terms.

With a hat tip to Jayne of What The Heck, Bobby?, Larry Dierker is describing the Astros new regime as, "cold, calculating and humorless." George Postolos has fired back with, "His remarks today are sour grapes." I'm guessing those two won't be seeing much of each other over the next few weeks, unless Postolos decides to participate in the April 1 softball game between Astros and Rangers ownership that will be one of Dierker's last appearances as an Astros representative.

I can't say I'm all that surprised this is just another instance where the Astros have decided that the bottom line is more important than the image they are creating.