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Astros Bomb Marlins to a Deathly Pulp in 9-4 Battery

The Houston Astros win a spring training game over the Miami Marlins, cranking out 5 home runs behind the strong pitching performance of Philip Humber.


The game today started out with a lineup very similar to what we could see on opening day with a few exceptions, however. J.D. Martinez started in RF with Rick Ankiel in CF and Chris Carter in LF. On the infield Marwin Gonzalez started at SS, Matt Dominguez at 3B, Jose Altuve at 2B, Brett Wallace at 1B and Carlos Peña at DH. Defensively we didn't have any errors in this game which is pretty good given the kind of play we've had recently. Chris Carter and J.D. Martinez are big defensive liabilities at these positions so it was nice to see that they had good games. It will be interesting to see how things will shake up closer to opening day. I highly doubt we'll see both J.D. Martinez and Chris Carter in the outfield during the same time at any point in the season, but it doesn't hurt to at least try.

Many great things happened on the field today:

  • No errors! Even with Carter in LF and J.D. Martinez in RF.
  • Five homeruns. Brett Wallace, Carlos Peña, Chris Carter, Matt Dominguez, and Jason Castro all participated in this event.
  • We won. All Astros players participated in winning.
  • The Marlins suffered 5 scoreless innings and managed to whiff 3 times, hit once, walk nonce, and strike out thrice. Philip Humber is definitely guilty of this.
  • No Astros pitcher walked a Marlins batter.
  • Jason Castro had a 3-3 day with a homer, a double, and a single.

Some not so good things:

  • Someone struck out twice in three opportunities. Yes, it's you J.D. Martinez. It's you.
  • Someone pitched 3 and 2 quarters of an inning, giving up 7 hits and 4 runs. I guess you aren't Chuck Norris, Bud Norris, not even a little bit.
  • Someone pretty short went 0-4, but struck out only once. (I'll let you figure out who this person is)

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