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Social Media Nights Returning In 2013

The Astros will continue to host the Tweet-ups with some tweaks going in this year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This should have gone out three days ago, but I got long-winded and distracted by shiny Three Things...surprise, surprise.

At any rate, thanks to Kelly George, the Astros social media guru, we wanted to let everyone know that those Social Media Nights, which started in September of 2010 and have continued through the past two seasons, are still on for 2013. What's being offered this time around?

Batting Practice Access

Social Media Night T-shirt

Exclusive pre-game fan reception in the FIVESEVEN Grille (cash bar provided )

Field Box II Seating (choose your seat online, first come, first served)

Exclusive pre-game fan reception with Astros mascot Orbit

Exclusive pre-game fan reception with Astros staff or team member

PLUS, be entered to win the chance to attend the Astros post-game press conference and be our fan correspondent for the night!

Some of those details may change, but the biggest changes you may note from years past are location, seating and cost. Instead of being on the patio, the meetup with the player and Orbit will be in the FIVESEVEN Grille. On the plus side, the seats will also not be on the patio and will instead be in the Field Box II.

Also, there's the new price at $30, which is cheaper than the last few years (I'm pretty sure). The first two dates for the Social Media Nights are on:

4/19 - Astros vs CLE Thurs 7:10pm

5/9 - Astros vs LAA Thurs 7:10pm

There will be more dates, but those haven't been scheduled yet. You can buy tickets to both scheduled events once single-game tickets go on sale (don't think it's happened yet).

So, yay to Social Media Nights! Anyone attended these in the past feel like weighing in on the changes in the comments?