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MLB free agency: Baseball cards for Chad Qualls, Scott Feldman

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Here are the new baseball cards for Scott Feldman and Chad Qualls.

You missed us this weekend, didn't you? When news broke that the Astros signed two pitchers, you immediately popped on here looking for new baseball cards. You wanted to marvel over the new players in familiar uniforms (or in Chad Quall's case, newer home uniforms).

My bad. I didn't get around to this post until this morning, so blame me. Ryan confidently churned these puppies out this weekend for your viewing pleasure. So, let's get to it.

Here's what Ryan did with Feldman:


And for Qualls:


Again, Ryan does such great work. To have these turned around over the weekend really goes above and beyond. Kudos to him!

As for Qualls, we discussed on Twitter whether he should have been 'shopped into a new uniform. Since I really dislike the old brick red ones, I was completely on board and Ryan came through brilliantly. Much better seeing Qualls in the new gear than that old stuff.

Now, anyone want to take bets on how many of these Ryan will have to do in the next few days? I think the over/under is three.