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MLB free agency: More reactions to the Scott Feldman signing

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A day later, let's check out the internet to see other reactions to Houston's latest move.

Al Messerschmidt

It's Saturday, but we can't stop writing about the Astros. Here's a roundup of some of the reactions from around the web, including comments from GM Jeff Luhnow.

From Astros County:

With the news that the Astros signed Scott Feldman for three years and $30m, my immediate thought was, "The Astros just upgraded their facial hair." My second thought was, "Well this certainly upgrades the rotation." But I didn't have any data on hand to confirm that.

From the press release:

"We wanted an experienced starter to anchor our pitching staff," said Luhnow. "Scott is a great fit with our club. He throws strikes and gets ground balls, and will be a great example for the rest of our young rotation."

From Brian McTaggart's Blog:

"We've got some offers out there we're waiting on," he said. "Whether or not things happen this weekend or next week or after that, I'm not sure. We feel pretty good we're going to get at least one or two of the guys we're targeting."
"If we have an opportunity to bring in yet another starter, we wouldn't hesitate to do it," he said. "Right now, our primary focus is shifting to the bullpen."

From Evan Drellich's Winter Meetings preview:

"We were hoping that we would have two big deals like this done by the end of the winter meetings," Luhnow said Friday. "To have them both done before the winter meetings is a bonus. So now that we can focus on the bullpen and focus on potentially another position player somewhere and keep going is good. I like the pace for this offseason and I like what we've been able to accomplish."

From FanGraphs:

Granted, that story is propped up on a couple "ifs" and a handful of wishes. While it isn't outlandish to suggest that the Astros could win 70 games with a little luck, it's definitely taking the over on the Vegas line. Fowler and Feldman have their share of warts and either or both acquisitions could backfire on the Astros and leave the franchise over $37 million poorer.

From Hardball Talk:

While this might be something of an overpay, the Astros weren't going to attract quality free agents without beating all other offers. Feldman is a third or fourth starter on a contender, but he's a huge upgrade for an Astros team without even one proven, reliable starting pitcher.

From Baseball Prospectus:

Here at BP, when we hear that the Astros are signing someone, we usually start planning a funeral for someone on staff. On Friday, the Astros tried a different approach and instead signed an actual MLB player.
The Astros seem to have bought at market price. Those are the most maddening moves to analyze because there's no one at whom I can scream. Everyone is acting so... sensibly. I guess I'll just have to go pick a fight about Jack Morris.