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Dexter Fowler trade: See the newest Astro in his new uniform

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Photoshop king Ryan Dunsmore comes through again, giving Dexter Fowler his first Astros baseball card.

I say this a lot, but having Ryan do graphics for the site is such a treat. He had this done a while back, but in the Fowler Frenzy, we didn't get a chance to post it. Here's your newest Astro wearing his new duds in his first Houston baseball card. Pretty cool, Ryan.


Gah! Sorry, that can't be right. Let me see...oh, here it is.


Majestic, isn't it? Ryan's next project is photoshopping poor Dex's face onto the Fowl Poles. We're sorry in advance, everyone.

With a couple days left before the winter meetings, Ryan may not have much time before he's putting another player in an Astros uniform. Heck, maybe Robinson Cano will end up here after being spurned by the Mariners.

(Yeah, that's completely scarcastic. No way the Astros go nine years on any deal, much less 10. C'mon Jay Z. Can't you let the M's implode by doling out these bad contracts and trading away great young pitchers? Help a team out).