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MLB free agency: Roundup of hot stove action since Tuesday-geddon

What's been happening in the hot stove league since all of the moves got made on Tuesday?

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Now that the furor has died down a bit after the winter armageddon that was Tuesday, let's see how the market stands right now. But, before we get there, a note of thanks to all our talented TCB staffers who worked tirelessly on Tuesday and Wednesday to churn out some quality content on the Dexter Fowler trade. This is a really special site to work for because of so many smart, talented people contribute to it. Days like Tuesday just reinforce that for me even more.

With the weepy stuff done, let's get to the moves:

  • In the immediate aftermath of the Jacoby Ellsbury signing, it appears that Shin-Soo Choo's market could heat up. Tim Brown thinks the Rangers are a logical landing place for him now. Which is awesome.
  • After trading Jim Johnson, it appears the Orioles are also ready to make some moves. MLB Trade Rumors links the O's to pretty much every free agent out there, including Choo, Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz. The Cruz rumors have been buzzing for a while, as a signing of him was given as justification for the Johnson trade in the first place.
  • Goodbye, Wesley Wright. You're dead to us now. The lefty who used to be beloved by Astros fans as the longest-tenured member of the Houston roster is now wiped from our collective memory after he brazenly signed a contract with the Cubs. It's like he doesn't even care about us any more.
  • Seems like the David Price market may be heating up soon. Jerry Crasnick has a great piece over at ESPN on what the Diamondbacks are trying to do. Seems like clearing Heath Bell's salary off the books will help the D'Backs pursue some big fish. While they're willing to go after David Price, Arizona is not willing to part with Archie Bradley to do so. Which means a deal doesn't get done.
  • Meanwhile, the Mariners seem to have gone crazy. In addition to really, actually pursuing Robinson Cano at ludicrous dollars, they're also going after David Price. Oh, and they're willing to throw Taijuan Walker into the mix to get him. What?? Really? I don't know whether to be scared or delighted that another team in the AL West is about to go "Angels" on us. If they made those two moves, it only benefits the Astros in 2015, right?
  • Scott Feldman is asking for a three year, $30 million deal. Looks like the M's aren't the only crazy ones. The entire starting pitching market is nuts.
  • Finally, just breaking this morning is that the Royals traded for Norichika Aoki from the Brewers for pitcher Will Smith. Aoki is a right fielder, which means the Royals must have no faith that Carlos Beltran will sign that three-year, $48 million offer they gave to him. Smith is a reliever, and we'd been told that the Royals were looking to move some of their bullpen depth. Not a blockbuster move, but I always liked Aoki. His stats and defense out there were pretty great, if non-traditional for a right fielder.