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Jesse Crain signing: GM Jeff Luhnow, Astros beat writers react

Here are the Twitter updates as they come in on Houston's newest free agent signing.

Jared Wickerham

Well, well, well. Before 2013 left for good, the Astros went and made another (relatively) big splash in signing Jesse Crain to bolster the bullpen. Here's what GM Jeff Luhnow, Brian McTaggart and Evan Drellich had to say about the move:

Crain was one of the few free agents Houston has been publicly linked to, which makes sense now considering they've had him targeted for a while.

Yeah, but who's gonna close?

Of the options on hand, Crain has the best combination of stuff and track record. He makes a lot of sense to close this season. But, with his injury history, the Astros probably don't want to name him just yet.

Wait, injuries? Yep, injuries.

Brooks can weigh in on this, but it seems like Crain's been dealing with some nagging injuries for much of the season. Maybe this will help fix that. Still, the Astros can't be assured of a big season from him, which is why they didn't just sign Crain. They added Crain, Qualls, Albers, Bass, Valdes and more.

But, with this signing, are the Astros done? Maybe, maybe not.

So, does Jeff Luhnow have any new resolutions after this move? He sure does.

I have a feeling Luhnow and the rest of the Astros will be partying like it's 1999 thanks to this new bullpen. Oh, and we fans should too. The biggest hole on the 2013 Astros got fixed in a big way this offseason.

Here's to 2014.