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Dexter Fowler trade: TCB's staff reacts to Houston's big move

The Astros finally made a move this offseason and we were here to see it. Here's what TCB's staff thinks about things right now.

Bob Levey

We all have opinions on this Dexter Fowler trade. Here is how some TCBers reacted after the trade was announced. We'll keep updating this thread as we get more reactions.


RIP Barnes GIFs /sadface


I'm tripping all over myself loving this deal. Fowler is in his prime and is an On-Base guy with a reasonable strikeout rate. He has a L/R platoon split, but it's not bad (low BA vs righties, but OBP and SLG are on par with his LHP split). With a career OBP of .365, he's definitely the new Astros' leadoff man, though. Defensively, this looks good too. He's played mostly CF, and below-averagely at that, but his speed could make him an asset in RF, despite an average arm. The only scary thing is his Home/Away splits. During his career, he's hit .241/.333/.361 away from Coors, for a 92 wRC+. So there's your 2014 narrative: "Is Fowler a Colorado mirage?"

I love the contract though. At 2.4 WAR/Season over the past three seasons, his $7.5 million dollar contract is way under the market rate. With the short contract, he could be a mid-season trade candidate if he performs, or if he doesn't, letting him walk will not cost any additional money to the Astros.

As for what they gave up, we know who Barnes is -- a defensive replacement -- and Lyles has been given three seasons in which he has completely failed at baseball. While I still think he can develop into a good pitcher, the Astros have too many guys who profile to be as good or better than him for this to be considered anything but a win for the Astros.

The elephant in the room is: With Folwer signed only through 2014 and being primarily a CF, is this a sign that the Astros are committed to keeping Springer in Triple-A until mid-season? While Fowler might be good in RF, he's never played it before, and he's definitely a regular player on most MLB teams.

NOTE that this trade includes a PTBNL going TO the Astros. Jeff Luhnow's specialty.


Seems like a legit leadoff hitter. Nice combo of power and speed, and his OBP really surprised me, and has been consistently good. He has a career .365 OBP, and his OBP of .369 last year would have led the team. I see that he only played in 119 games last year, are there any lingering injury issues we should be concerned about?


I hate to lose Lyles, but he was about to get expensive before he got good. I really like Dexter Fowler, though I haven't investigated him recently. I recall him being a solid top-of-the-order bat in Colorado.

Lyles was a victim of being called up early at a time when the system was relatively barren.

The downside is that I think he could have benefited the most of all of the pitchers from Strom's tutelage, but netting Fowler for this package is a great haul.


Wow. Love this trade. Absolutely fantastic move, and I think it's significant in the sense that it's the first big move to acquire a player who is an established big-leaguer AND can be part of the next Astros winner.


This is a GREAT trade! Well, except for the 11 year old at my house that is now pouting. I'm a bit sad to see Lyles go as he was the beginning of "operation hope" in my eyes, but he hasn't been able to put it all together in the 3 seasons he's spent time in the majors. I do hope he does in time.