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Best of 2013 TCB community discussion: Tell us about the best original artwork (photoshops/GIFs/MS Paints) this year

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Ryan did some fantastic work this year in the art department. So did Chris, I guess, and Astros County and some others. Let us know which piece of original art was your favorite from the past year.

For our final question of the weekend, let's celebrate one of the best additions to the TCB stable in quite a while (sorry, n00bs!).

First things first. In case you missed it, we started a series on Friday looking back at 2013 on TCB.

From the first post: In just a few short days, 2013 will be in our rear view mirror. All those losses will be wiped away and we can start hoping for a rebound (finally) in 2014.

But, before we let this year pass into the ether, let's talk about some stuff. Specifically, let's talk about some of the best Astros content on the internet.

We'll be running these informal polls and discussions out from now until Monday, when you'll get hit with a List of Lists about 2013. Then, Tim is going to cap things off with a Year in GIFs on New Year's Eve, so we're living in exciting times.

This time, we're talking about artwork. We're really lucky to have Ryan Dunsmore working on TCB, where he can make such delightful creations at the drop of a hat. From his Astros baseball cards to his Jeff Luhnow inspired graphics, Ryan does great work.

But, he's not alone. The internet is full of great baseball graphics, from Astros County's work to Chris' MS Paint drawing to illustrate his articles. What was your favorite piece of art created in 2013? Was it even something Astros-related or was there just one awesome photoshop that didn't have anything to do with Houston baseball?

Let us know in the comments. Let us know quick, before I start gushing about Ryan again. It's getting creepy.

(I love you, Ryan!!!!!)