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Best of 2013 TCB community discussion: Talk to us about your favorite non-Astros baseball site

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Look, we know we're not exclusive. We know you look at other blogs. We even know you look at other Astros-related blogs. Don't tell us about those, because it would hurt too much. Tell us about your favorite non-Astros sites.

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In case you missed it, we started a series on Friday looking back at 2013 on TCB.

From the first post: In just a few short days, 2013 will be in our rear view mirror. All those losses will be wiped away and we can start hoping for a rebound (finally) in 2014.

But, before we let this year pass into the ether, let's talk about some stuff. Specifically, let's talk about some of the best Astros content on the internet.

We'll be running these informal polls and discussions out from now until Monday, when you'll get hit with a List of Lists about 2013. Then, Tim is going to cap things off with a Year in GIFs on New Year's Eve, so we're living in exciting times.

What's today's starter question? It's all about where you go when you're not on TCB.

No, I don't mean THOSE sites. I mean baseball-oriented ones. Tell us about your favorite non-Astros sites. I know some of us writers, like clack, really enjoy the Baseball Think Factory forums and of course, the nerds on here love Baseball Reference and FanGraphs.

Are there some you enjoy that haven't been mentioned yet? What do you like about them? Is it the discussion, the writing or the general atmosphere there?

Please, be honest. You're in a trust tree here. We won't judge you or get mad.