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Best of 2013 TCB community discussion: Tell us what was the most entertaining article you read this year

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We know we can be pretty nerdy here on TCB. But, we also have some fun. What was your favorite fun article we did this year? Were there any? Come on. Busta had to have come up with one or two.

As we introduced earlier today, we're running back 2013 in different discussion categories. This is basically so we can stop quibbling over prospect rankings and caring about the Tanaka posting. But, if you missed our first post today, here's what we're going for:

In just a few short days, 2013 will be in our rear view mirror. All those losses will be wiped away and we can start hoping for a rebound (finally) in 2014.

But, before we let this year pass into the ether, let's talk about some stuff. Specifically, let's talk about some of the best Astros content on the internet.

We'll be running these informal polls and discussions out from now until Monday, when you'll get hit with a List of Lists about 2013. Then, Tim is going to cap things off with a Year in GIFs on New Year's Eve, so we're living in exciting times.

Now, this is the fun one. Tell us which articles this year were the most entertaining. Did Ryan's marvelous photoshop work make the list? How about Busta's recaps and general cattiness? Which article made you laugh, made you cry, tugged at your heart strings? I bet Terri's farm metaphors might be on that list.

Again, we're dealing just with TCB articles for now. We'll throw these kinds of categories open to the entire internet soon enough. But, for now, let's focus on our TCB crew to see who tickled your fancy the most. Just drop into the comments and let us know.