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Best of 2013 TCB community discussion: Tell us who had the best Astros analysis

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It's the end of the year. We are running out of things to debate (seriously, when it comes down to Josh Hader's Top 30 ranking, we've reached the bottom of the barrel). So, let's start discussing the past year. Give us your favorite Astros analysis article from 2013.

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In just a few short days, 2013 will be in our rear view mirror. All those losses will be wiped away and we can start hoping for a rebound (finally) in 2014.

But, before we let this year pass into the ether, let's talk about some stuff. Specifically, let's talk about some of the best Astros content on the internet.

We'll be running these informal polls and discussions out from now until Monday, when you'll get hit with a List of Lists about 2013. Then, Tim is going to cap things off with a Year in GIFs on New Year's Eve, so we're living in exciting times.

This first one gets to TCB's strength: nerdiness. Of all the analytical articles we've dropped on the world in 2013, which one was your favorite? Which article that graced these pages did you find most illuminating? Which one was the best researched? Heck, I don't really care what your criteria is. Just drop us a comment and tell us what you liked best.

My guess? It's something from clack or CRPerry, our two resident saber-wunderkinds. I've also got another article in mind from Anthony that might make your lists, but I don't want to spoil it. So, tell us what you think and let's get to discussing the best of the best.

This one will just focus on TCB, but we'll run another one of these this weekend for your favorite Astros story from around the internet this year. There, you can nominate any author or article from wherever people still care and write about the Astros. For now, let's stick with home plate.