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Help Military Members Connect With Their Kids This Holiday Season

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Help a service member make an impact in their kids lives while thousands of miles away.


One of the things I do every year at this time is find one charity and donate to it. Last year it was Toys for Tots; the year before that it was Childs Play. I've also given to Harvesters, The One Fund, Salvation Army Texas and the Houston Women's Area Center. Giving and supporting organizations that make this world a better place is something I am very passionate about, but this year I've been struggling a little bit to find a charity to donate to. I think I might have finally found it.

Reading is another passion of mine. I was hooked after reading The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe in the third grade. I now have kids of my own and I'm trying to pass that passion onto them. Every night before bed I read a book to my kids. This gives me some quality time with the kids, helps their development and allows me, for a brief moment, to drop all my worries. If you're not reading to your kid you should be. It makes a huge impact and some parents don't have the opportunity we have to read to their kids every night. Which is why I love what the USO is doing for military personnel stationed overseas.

12 Days of Wishbook, Day 10: Help Troops Send Long Distance Bedtime Stories Back Home | The Official USO Blog

This USO sponsored program allows military members to record a video of themselves reading a bedtime story. The video and the book are then packaged and sent to their families.

That is really cool and heart warming!

Reading to their kids on a nightly basis is just one of the many small sacrifices members of the military make for our freedom. Their kids make those same small sacrifices. This program helps them take back a small piece of that sacrifice and brings a little bit of normalcy to the family. This can have a huge-positive impact on the servicemen and women and their families.

But this is only one charity among a thousand charities. I encourage you to not only find a charity to donate or volunteer, but to also find one that you're passionate about. The Astros are doing a lot of good work in the community with The Astros Foundation and that might be a good place to start.

This season is not just about giving gifts; It's about making a positive impact in someone else's life.