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Astros offseason: Bold predictions for the 2014 season

Let's do this thing. We're going out on a limb to talk about what might happen next season.

There are only 15 days left in 2013, so what better time to start throwing out predictions for next year. We like to talk about many Astros-related things here on TCB, but rarely do we (meaning: me) go out on a limb. Well, that changes today.

Oh, and don't worry. I'll be 100 percent wrong on most of this list. I'm just hoping to hit on one or two of these.

  • The Astros will not sign Choo, unless the contract is for less than six years and less than $100 million.
  • George Springer will get at least 450 plate appearances in the majors.
  • Mark Appel will make at least one big league start.
  • Chris Carter will lead the American League in home runs.
  • Jeff Luhnow will not make any veteran-for-prospect swaps during the season, unless said veteran is blocking a prospect.
  • Ryan Jackson will become the everyday shortstop by June.
  • Two Astros starting pitchers will post above-average seasons.
  • Jonathan Singleton will be installed as the Astros first baseman some time in April.
  • Jose Altuve will enjoy a bounce-back season and hit close to .300.
  • The Astros and Mariners will develop a feud that's better than the faux-rivalry with the Rangers.
  • Astros games will be on TV by April.
  • An Astro will finish in the Top 3 for AL Rookie of the Year.
  • Alex White will make the rotation out of spring training and will have a surprisingly effective season.

Those are mine. What are yours? Give us one prediction in the comments for 2014. As you can see, it could be about anything.