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CSN Houston bankruptcy: Rockets to take over as lead negotiators

The Rockets will take over as lead negotiators in an attempt to fix a broken TV deal.

Bob Levey

News continues to flood in today. It's not good news, it's not bad news, it's just...there. Thursday marked an update in the CSN Houston bankruptcy case, where the Astros and Jim Crane were to update the court with its progress on seeking carriage deals.

It seems safe to say that there's been no progress, which is bad news for big-talking Crane, who said he'd have a deal done in 30 days. Failing to deliver had consequences, as it appears the Rockets will take over as lead negotiator in the matter.

And more from Barron on the deal:

What does this mean? In the short term, it's good news. This means that an arbiter will not be appointed in order to negotiate carriage deals. Instead, the Rockets will do so. It's also interesting that the Rockets are trying to buy the network. If they buy out Crane and CSN, could they make it profitable? Would the Astros stick around if they get a flat fee from the Rockets?

Lots left to sort through from this hearing, but putting the Rockets as lead negotiators is a step forward and a move to get both teams back on TV, which is something we can all get behind.


Here's a statement from the Astros, through Barron's Twitter feed. Bear with us: