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Astros Podcast: The Battle For The TV

The Astros lawsuit, payroll, Rule 5 implications, Peter Moylan and at the same time Peter Moylan.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.

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TCBP AB 104: The Battle For The TV

SCHEDULING NOTE: We have gone into offseason mode, which means we will be doing the podcast every other week and they'll be a little longer than the 30-40 minutes we've been doing.

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist Ryan Dunsmore and myself discuss:

  • The Astros lawsuit against Drayton McLane and Comcast
  • The payroll and where the Astros could potentially spend
  • The possibility of acquiring Dexter Fowler from the Rockies (36:41)
  • Rule 5 implications in regards to the 40-man roster
  • Peter Moylan signed by the Astros


In case you missed it, last week the Astros filed a lawsuit against Drayton McLane and Comcast on the basis of fraud. McLane and Comcast are accused of inflating subscription rates and hiding them from Crane during the purchasing of the Astros. We have a stream going with the ongoing saga and I would highly recommend the comment section for some thoughtful analysis of the lawsuit.

Jim Crane, Astros suing Drayton McLane over CSN Houston deal - The Crawfish Boxes
Crawfish Boxes


We got into a little discussion about the payroll and where we thought it would end up. I think the Astros will get close to their target but probably won't reach the $50-60 million mark. The main focus seems to be free agency but I think they could add a couple high costs pieces through the trade market.

Rule 5 Quickly Approaching

The Astros set their 40-man roster this past week and two names that stick out as eligible for the Rule 5 draft are catching prospect Carlos Perez and outfielder JD Martinez. Rumor has it that the White Sox with the third pick will try to select Carlos Perez. JD Martinez being taken off the 40-man roster means he's eligible for the Rule 5 draft, however, he passed through waivers so it's unlikely he'll be drafted in the Rule 5 draft.

Peter Moylan

Not a sexy signing but a signing non the less and a signing that could potentially tremendously improve the Astros bullpen situation. Moylan pitched well in AAA for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year but struggled at the major league level to regain his form. Moylan had a short leash with the playoff bound Dodgers, but should have a much longer leash with a team like the Astros and that could result in a big payoff for Houston.


Podcast Cover Art Time-Lapse

Next Scheduled Podcast Recording: December 8, 2013, 7 p.m. CT


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