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TCB Reader Astros Prospect Grades 2013

Details on how to contribute to the TCB Astros Top 30 Prospects list.

Jarred Cosart was TCB's fifth ranked Astros prospect last year.
Jarred Cosart was TCB's fifth ranked Astros prospect last year.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

We have already begun collecting grades from our pool of writers for the TCB Astros Top 30 prospects list. The podcast special where we reveal our top 30 Astros prospects is scheduled for December 14, 2013, and will likely be our last podcast of the year. The recording will take about four hours with breaks and I will release an edited version to iTunes shortly after the live recording. We would love for you to come interact with us as we reveal our list.

We've had a reader Astros Top 30 prospect list before on the site, but this year we decided that we wanted to incorporate reader grades into the overall rankings.

UPDATE: We will be looking over responses and will be removing responses as we deem necessary. Fake names and high grades are a good way to get your grades eliminated from the overall numbers. This is a trial and if it becomes too much of a headache we will not do this in the future.

The Grades are based on the same system that John Sickels uses over at Minor League Ball.

What Grades Mean - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

Go read and bookmark that page for reference. You will be required to fill out your name (first and last) or username before submitting the form and it's very possible that reader grades will be released to the public.

Another scale we use to help us rank prospects is based on the top 100 prospect rankings in baseball:

10 A rare, mythical beast seldom seen in prospectdom
9 Top 5
8 Top 25
7 Top 50
6 Top 100
1 Non-prospect

Below you will find a Google form and a link with all the Astros prospects to be graded. Grade as few or as many prospects as you would like. Baseball Reference and FanGraphs are two great sites for getting prospect statistics. The form will close December 5, 2013. Grade and then join us December 14, 2013, as we unveil the TCB Astros Top 30 prospects list.

TCB Astros Prospect Grades 2013