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TCB's MiLB Post-Season Awards: Craig Biggio Grittiness Award

Craig Biggio is the definition of grit, so it's only natural to name the award of which minor leaguer has the most grit after him.

Few players in the history of the Astros organization has earned the amount of love that Craig Biggio has from a fan base. Sure, he was a great player, but that is not the biggest reason he was held in such high regard. It was because of how hard he played. He was the definition of grit. He was the baseball version of "True Grit." So, we now look at who in the minor leagues displays grit.

Joe Sclafani

Sclafani is not a highly regarded prospect but has developed a bit of a following from the Astros fan base because he does have grit. He literally does everything that is asked of him and asks for more. He presses the issue. He wants to do more. Many fans didn't realize just how much #want he had until Anthony did this interview with him.

Enrique Hernandez

The man they call Kíke has had quite a few fans since he played in Tri-City and they won the New York-Penn League Championship in 2010. Some described him as the heart of that championship team and an emotional leader. He plays the game as hard as he can and leaves everything on the field. He played in the championship series with a sprained ankle but he didn't let that limit him or keep him off the field. He's battled a lot of injuries in his time in the minors, but he always comes back and plays the game hard and leaves the field every night with a lot dirt on his jersey.

Anthony "Tony" Kemp

Another second baseman on the list. He has quickness but scouts say he's limited by his size. But, that doesn't hold him back. He pushes his limits everyday and is a lot like current Astros second-baseman who has also been known to have a little grit, Jose Altuve. He had the reputation of being a a guy who plays hard when he was at Vanderbilt and he's carried it over to the pro level.