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TCB's MiLB Post-Season Awards: Most Improved Player

No doubt that the Astros minor league system improved, but who was the most improved player? You have three choices, who do you choose?

Last week we put together all of the fun categories down on the table, but let's get down to the nitty gritty. In your opinion, who showed the most improvement from last season to this season?

Note: No instructions were given, so this could be in prospect status or actual improvement in tools/skills.

M.P. Cokinos

Drafted as a catcher, M.P. played mostly at First Base and Designated Hitter this season at Lancaster in the California League. He finished the season with a .313./.395/.475 batting line and displayed great plate discipline with a 9.5% walk rate and even better 8.3% strikeout rate. He doesn't fit the prototypical first base profile since he posted a .162 ISO and just a home run total of 13 which is low for Cal League standards for a 1B/DH type hitter. However, he counteracts that with aforementioned plate discipline and an above average LD% (17.6%) that allows for him to hit lots of doubles (29) and a sustainable high average.

Jake Buchanan

No offense to Jake, but he ended last season with an ERA over 5 in AA and over 10 in AAA. Coming into the season, he was essentially an afterthought with all of the added starting pitching depth that Jeff Luhnow had acquired. But, the tandem pitching rotation gave Buchanan the opportunity he needed. He responded with 2.09 ERA in Corpus which included a 25 scoreless inning streak before getting a promotion to AAA Oklahoma City where he posted a 3.26 ERA. He doesn't strike many batters out (15.2%), but he doesn't walk anyone either (3.2%). It's the 53.2% GB% that will carry him forward.

Michael Feliz

Feliz has story. He originally signed with Oakland before having his contract voided when he failed a drug test. Houston then came in and swiped him up for half the bonus and the added 50-game suspension baggage. After two seasons stateside, Feliz carried a bag of mixed results, promising peripherals at times but bad results in a challenge at Greeneville. But, this season he exploded onto the scene with great numbers across the board in the New York-Penn League and garnering recognition industry wide. He was considered one of the best prospects in the league and Baseball Prospecuts recently named him the 10th best prospect in the Astros organization. He's opening eyes with an explosive fastball with movement and a slider that flashes great potential.

So, who showed the most improvement?