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TCB's MiLB Post-Season Awards: Best Facial Hair

You'll see some interesting facial hair in the minors, but this poll may be a bit different than you might expect.

When I sent out this category, I was expecting some nominees based on some good handlebar mustaches or fu manchus. What I got was only voter submitting players that have been known to do something like that. The rest took it a different direction. What I received is as follows.

Tim De Block


It's not fair that he gets to use his daughter for bonus points. But, it's the best beard picture I could find of his and he had just shaved the day before I sent him a request for one.

Anthony Boyer


Man, if this is based purely on length, Anthony wins. That's a long beard. Approaching Duck Dynasty right there.

Ryan Dunsmore


Gotta give the man props for cheesin it up a bit. But, the Astros swag brings some nice style and that was his first home run ball that the caught at batting practice.

Brooks Parker


I apologize for being shirtless, but you can't see anything. This is my best impression of the Jeff Bagwell goatee that Tim plastered on every notable Astros employee earlier this year.

Yep, I got the bearded men of the TCB minors coverage. And yes, Ryan qualifies because he joined in on an AMP and does our art.