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TCB's MiLB Post Season Awards: Hardest Name to Spell

Yesterday we looked at the best name, now let's take a look at the hardest to'll probably find some similarities.

Continuing the theme of names, let's take a look at whose name is the most difficult to spell. Jeff Luhnow did a number on our spelling skills with the acquistions of Wojo and Matt Heidenreich. This year, he was a little easier on all of us bloggers, but he did still did add one new name in this pole.

Michael Foltynewicz

He was among the nominees for best MiLB name, but that doesn't exclude him from being easy to spell. He was one of the hardest to spell last year, and it hasn't changed. It's gotten easier for me due to familiarity from typing it about 179,534 times, but doesn't make it an easy one.

Asher Wojciechowski

I swear I didn't copy and past it from the best names post. Like with Folty, it's getting easier to type since I've typed it so many times, but it doesn't make it classified as easy.

Tyler Brunnemann

SO MANY N'S!!!! Okay, it's only four n's in a single name, but I honestly can't tell you how many times I've typed his name and left out an n or two. He's the new guy this year, so it could be that the name is fresh and many writers lack the experience in typing it. But, it's still harder than average.