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TCB's MiLB Post-Season Awards: Favorite Draft Pick

So many choices, but the TCB staff has put together three choices for who is the favorite draft pick from the 2013 draft.

This was a tough category to put together. There were a total of 12 different nominees with several just one vote away from pushing a tie breaker. The 2013 draft had a lot of interesting guys that a lot of writers liked, making the field very broad. It's unfortunate that I limited it to three nominees.

As with the other's, no instructions were given, so this is a mixture of favorites in personality, position, best prospect, upside, ect. Who is your favorite, whatever that means to you.

Mark Appel

An obvious one right? He was the number one overall pick and considered as a top pick in the past two drafts. He's a pitcher with polish. He's a pitcher with upside. He's a pitcher with maturity. He's a pitcher with stuff and command. Hard to argue against him. Despite having plus velocity, plus change up, and potential plus slider, he's surprisingly not flashy. He just goes out and does work.

Tony Kemp

When he was drafted, I described him as a faster Jose Altuve. That primarily derives from his stature and style of play. It's hard not fall in love with a guy who has grit. Few players in the 2013 draft play as hard as Kemp does. Guys like this are the guys you root for because they defy all odds and just prove people wrong when they look at them and write them off due to size or whatever reason.

Jason Martin

As the second highest high school draft pick from the draft and with the flashy tools like speed, outfield defense, and a good eye at the plate, he had plenty of intrigue from the get-go. But the, Anthony did a great interview with the 8th round pick and all his responses just make you want to root for the guy even more. He's a driven young man with a lot of upside.