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TCB's MiLB Post-Season Awards: Best Twitter Follow

Twitter is an almost a must have to follow the minor leagues, but who is top Astros Minor Leaguer to follow?

Awhile back...and I mean awhile back, I hinted that you would all have an opportunity to vote for some Minor League Post-Season Awards. Sorry for the long wait, but those opportunities are going to start trickling out, beginning now.

I sent out a list to all of the TCB writer's (at the time, sorry new writers) and had them nominate up to three minor league players that they felt fit each category the best. Based on all the responses, I took the top three total nominated and you all get to vote for who is the one who best fits the category. I gave no instruction or suggestions for the nominees.

The first category is....

Who is the best follow on twitter? And the nominees are...

Aaron West @Snacks_31

Aaron is pretty active on twitter and is very responsive. You have a question? He'll usually respond. He occasionally will share funny pictures of the interesting and unique aspect of minor league life. He also had a great picture of one of those insane Cal League dust storms that cancel games.

Austin Wates @austinwates

Austin is well known for his twitter account that includes some comedic tweets as well as tweets that have very deep meaning. He also posts some very good pictures of his dog which makes bustaposey climb a tree in fear like his beloved cats. This is a very personal favorite of David's due to the twitter content.

Brandon Meredith @bmeezytrain

Brandon is the epitome of interaction with fans. He holds regular Q&A's with his twitter follows and will actually follow back if you interact with him a good bit. Will somebody ask him what all Halloween Costumes he wore during his college days during their annual Halloween Costume Game?