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Astros trade rumors: Houston checked in on Ike Davis

The Astros, Orioles and Rockies are among the teams interested in New York's Ike Davis

Jim McIsaac

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Mets are shopping first baseman Ike Davis around, and the Astros are one of the teams interested. Davis, who is 26 and was a first round pick in 2008, endured a rough 2013. He was sent down to AAA at one point and finished the year with a .205 average and only nine home runs.

There appears to be decent trade interest in Ike Davis despite his awful 2013 season.
The Astros, Orioles, Rays, Brewers and Rockies all have checked in as the Mets field offers.

His second half numbers in New York were much improved. He posted a .286/.449/.505 line, in 105 at-bats. Many will cry small sample size at those numbers, but he only collected 212 at-bats in his horrendous first half, so there's not a great indication as to what his 2013 says.
Davis is obviously out of the Mets future plans; New York moved Lucas Duda to first base during the season, and even in their offseason quest for power hitters Davis is still out of favor, and he could most likely be had for cheap. But does it make sense for the Astros to go after him?

Davis' situation seems fairly similar to Brett Wallace. It's a coincidence that both attended Arizona State around the same time, but both are first baseman that haven't quite put it together consistently in the majors. Davis did hit 32 home runs in 2012, but did so with a very low OBP and only posted an OPS+ of 111. Wallace began to hit for some consistent power after getting demoted early last year, but the Astros can only be so patient with a guy who hasn't shown he can handle major league pitching for a full season.

If the Astros acquire Davis, Wallace may become expendable (unless the FO unexpectedly deals Chris Carter). What would you give to acquire Davis? The Mets want bats, maybe not in this deal, but would a quick Davis for Wallace swap work? The Mets may want a throw-in as well, considering Davis has shown an ability to hit more consistently over the course of his major league career.

Houston's first base situation isn't that impressive; Jonathan Singleton's 2012 was a disaster and there are more questions about his ultimate ceiling. Japhet Amador is having a nice run in the AFL, but he's still an unknown quanitity after a short stint in AAA last season. The next best first base prospect is Conrad Gregor, who will open the season in A or A+ ball.

That being said, Davis doesn't seem like a big upgrade over Wallace; the Astros don't need another guy we expect a lot more out of than we get, or can't even stay in the majors. Mayabe a change of scenery away from New York would help him?

Brian, one of TCB's writers, made a good case for acquiring Davis.
Am I the only one that would love to pick him up and see if he can regain his 2010-2011 form under Mallee? Even if he doesn't quite get there, he's basically Chris Carter with a 10% strikeout rate improvement and a left-handed bat instead of right.

It's a good point, and one that I'm sure the Astros are currently looking in to. Would you rather have Davis or Wallace for 2013? Who would you be willing to part with to acquire Davis?

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