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MLB free agency: Astros have interest in Curtis Granderson?

More news-y things from the GM meetings. Seems the Astros have been linked to the former Yankees/Tigers outfielder.

Al Bello

Well, that didn't take long. One day into the Winter Meetings and the Astros are trading away their prized catcher and may sign Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year deal.


From Matthew Cerrone:

Speculation is running wild at this time of year. That's all this is at this time. But, as Astros County pointed out, Houston being a finalist for Granderson is a bit of a stretch. In fact, earlier Tuesday, Granderson's rumor mill said he was looking for a winning team.

I know the Astros are looking to upgrade their outfield in any way possible. I'm sure they have calls in to all the top outfielders, checking out the price in case no one else is interested (for some reason). In turn, it's the agent's job to leak said teams to the media, so he can drive up the price more by making it seem like his client is in hot demand.

Thus, we get stories like this, where Houston's interest is pinned onto other teams who are more likely to sign Grandy-man.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities.

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