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Astros Podcast: Astros' Free Agency Preview

Free agency, free agency and Billy Butler.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCBP AB 102: Astros' Free Agency Preview

SCHEDULING NOTE: We have gone into offseason mode, which means we will be doing the podcast every other week and they'll be a little longer than the 30-40 minutes we've been doing.

In this episode David Coleman, Ryan Dunsmore and myself discuss:

  • The Astros' free agent needs
  • The Astros willingness to
  • Available free agents the Astros could target

Free Agency

It appears, Jeff Luhnow has been given an opportunity to increase the payroll to the $50-60MM range, which is fantastic. We know what he can do in the draft, we know what he can do in the trade market and we know what he's willing to do in the international free agent market. What we don't know is what he can do on the free agent market with a pocket full of cash.

While our focus was on free agency for this podcast episode we did get into a discussion about the possibility of the Astros making a trade for Billy Butler and better yet should they, which was the direct result of the discussion taking place in the live podcast thread.

Free agency is not something I care to predict or even suggest signings for, however, I did put together a list of 99 potential free agents the Astros could go after:

Astros Hot Stove: The Massive Free Agent List - The Crawfish Boxes
99 potential free agents for the Astros to sign.

Time-Lapse of This Week's Podcast Art


Next Scheduled Podcast Recording: November 10, 2013, 7 p.m. CT


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